Saturday, December 22, 2007


Thanks to Tonylast for identifying the vessel as the Mitschfibre. The barge was built in 1895 by the Chicago Ship Building Company and christened the Marcia. The vessel was sold to the Detroit Sulphite Transportation Company and renamed the Mitschfibre. The barge was sold again in 1939 to Driftwood Lands & Timber and then sold once more in 1954, this time to the Hindman Transportation Company. The Mitschfibre served her final years as a grain storage hulk in Owen Sound, Ontario before being scrapped in 1966.

I recently received a nice letter from Mark Cain of St. Paul, Minnesota who informed me that his wife's grandfather, Martin P. Gusland, was the captain of the Mitschfibre in the early 1930's.


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