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Thanks to Harold Tartell and William T. Mentz for identifying the ship as the Sagamore.

Mr. Tartell of upstate New York supplied the following information about the beginnings of the Sagamore:

The SAGAMORE built in 1939 as the PETER MORAN by Pennsylvania Shipyards, Beaumont, Texas. She was transferred over to the US Navy during World War II, and became DONOCANA YTB-733. After the war she went back to Moran as PETER MORAN, and after 1948 she was sold to James McWilliams Blue Line to become SAGAMORE. She was sold in the late 60's, and went South to become BUCK ALLEN and then CHARLIE MENTZ. She was eventually scrapped in the 70's.

Mr. Mentz provide the final chapter in the story of the Sagamore:

The tug's last name was "Charlie Mentz" from 1975 to about 1983 and was then scrapped by Bisso Towboat Company of New Orleans. I have the original Wooden Wheel / Engine Telegraph and 2 Brass Port Holes on display in my home.

I christened the tug in April 1975. It was named in honor of my father who was very instrumental and major supporter / customer of Bisso when re-organized under new ownership in 1968 by ancestors of original owners of Bisso.


Blogger jim said...

There's something about this tug which is so familiar looking that I can't stop looking at it a few times a day, trying to figure out where I've seen it before. It looks like pictures of the Olive L. Moore before they did all of the work on her, but perhaps it's a sister, or near-sister tug.

March 04, 2008 11:29 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

By chance do you have a better copy of the Seneca's picture?

June 02, 2008 5:26 PM  
Blogger oceansailor said...

The name of this Blue Line tug was the Sagamore. She was built to work the canals and great lakes under contract to the papermills delivering acid used to clean the machinery. She and the Blue Line 102 were sold to Red Star / Spentonbush in the 50s. The Seneca was built in Texas and had a flush deck, as did the Saluation and the Spartan.

March 31, 2009 9:19 AM  

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